Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum were both in London today to promote The Vow, opening February 10.

She looks delicious, right?

Love the nude and black heels, how they look against her bare leg. And that dress. And the coat. And, of course, her face. Such a bright, sweet face. Rachel McAdams is irresistible. And the combination of her Notebook and Channing’s Dear John, well, is that your Valentine’s Day miracle?

Sasha, who has never turned down a sh-tty romance in her life, already has her tickets and is ready to cry. Let’s not pretend this isn’t what it is, ok? The Vow will be horrible. Almost unwatchably horrible, but also super watchable in its horribleness. Some films can delight you with how truly, amazingly awful they are. I feel like The Vow will deliver on this level. And, naturally, I can’t wait. There are different ways to have fun at the movies.

Having said that... I’m not sure sucking as entertainment was The Vow’s primary intention. But while Channing Tatum has demonstrated an amazing ability to not let a sucky string of films pull down his career and prospects, disappointingly, I can’t say the same for Rachel McAdams. It has not been a great ride for Rachel McAdams. Even when she’s in a hit, she’s considered the weakest link. (Duana and I talk about this a lot, worrying about her, because we love the McAdams, and if Woody Allen wrote the part of Midnight In Paris FOR her, and that character was, arguably, the most unlikeable, most unattractive, most indefensible character in the film, what does that say ABOUT her?) And I feel like if The Vow is embarrassing, it’ll be unfairly held against her more than it’s held against him.

How does a decision like The Vow get made and who is advocating on its behalf? Why did Jessica Chastain come along and suddenly make Rachel look so, gulp (sorry Duana), television?

If I ever become the Dean of the Faculty of Celebrity Studies at a liberal arts university somewhere in New England, overseeing a course on Celebrity Career Analysis and Strategy, Rachel McAdams is Chapter 1.