It’s the new campaign: make McJakey happen!

And it sounds like you’re all over it too. Well...most of you. The McGoslings can’t move on. And they hit me hard with hate yesterday. Here’s a sample from Linda in Calgary:

Stop pushing that stupid idiot Jake Gyllenhale on Rachel. Rachel and Ryan belong together, you will see. Sometimes people just need time apart to figure things out and they will end up together in the end. So sick of you making fun of everything. I don’t care if you laugh and mock. What’s right is right and what’s real is real. You were a fan of Rachel and Ryan, how can you turn on something so quick? I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to support Canada’s love story. Are you just jealous because you want Ryan to yourself? Newsflash Lainey. You are ugly and disgusting and Ryan would never choose you before the most perfect person for him. So give it up!

The problem for Linda and her fellow lunatics however is that even the Mighty Opes seems to be endorsing our new favourite imaginary couple. Thanks to all of you who sent in the video from yesterday’s Oprah Winfrey Show. It’s Jakey and Rachel backstage and he’s holding her purse and she’s looking at him with light in her eyes and it’s so f-cking cute and there’s a fangirl in me who can’t get enough.

Click here to watch their interview with Nate Berkus until he kills the moment with a question about Heath Ledger. Jake was gracious and handled it beautifully and hopefully afterwards they played the awkward, um, like, when will I see you again game, and touched hands accidentally and pulled them away, and thought about each other all night afterwards.

Photos from GABRIEL BOUYS /Kevin Winter/