Every week during the liveblog, someone asks whether or not Rachel McAdams are Michael Sheen are still together. They are. At least as of Friday when they were photographed at Dublin airport. I don’t know what they did on Saturday, Sunday, or today, but that doesn’t mean you should panic. Also, clearly they did not appreciate getting busted. Rachel doesn’t like us up in her business like that.

No idea what they were doing there since neither of them are working now. Sheen was supposed to have wrapped most of his work on the Twilight movies and, according to an early schedule at least, was not expected to have to shoot in Vancouver where production will move after Baton Rouge. It’s a moving target though. I need to check in soon.

Let’s pretend they were on vacation then. I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. Maybe going to Scotland and Wales on a work trip next month. Everyone tells me I’d love it. Have you been? I feel like I’d really dig the food there.

Photos from Wenn.com