It was a sleepless night for the rabid McGoslings – with their favourite couple beautifully parading up and down the SAG carpet and plenty of PDA to conjure up those Notebook moments, baby-naming frenzy must be hitting a fever pitch. But in all fairness, you don’t have to be a lunatic McGosling to appreciate Canada’s golden couple last night. Simply put, they succeeded where Demi and Ashton didn’t. And the best part is you know it’s for real. As for Rachel earning Best Dressed – I LOVE this look. Love. It. I love that it’s risky. I love that it’s short and sassy in a sea of long, safe gowns. I love that she’s showing off her legs – legs that are not pin thin, legs that are refreshingly toned and tight without looking dangerously weak. I love that she’s not afraid to be edgy, I love that no one else looked like her and no else came close. And while I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the soccer mom hair-do, I am a huge fan of the pink…pink just because, pink for no reason, pink just because she wanted to, pink that isn’t seen at Hyde every night begging to be photographed. Rachel McAdams is a Star. Rachel McAdams is Spectacular. And yes…my smutty sense is still tingling. Am working on it – check back the end of the week. Source