Soho House Grey Goose Club – Madonna was by far the biggest surprise but we were totally not expecting to see Rachel McAdams since she is normally so low key and off the scene.

She showed up with her sister Kayleen, a make up artist in town to style Tamara Podemski for the Spirit Awards. They were a party of 4, sitting at a table by themselves, R and K side by side, turned to each other, bonding and catching up. And across from them 2 attractive guys – one had the air of an actor who looks familiar but not familiar enough to know his name.

Just to ease the minds of the tenacious McGoslings out there, it did not seem at any point like Rachel and one of the dudes were “coupled”, at least not when I was around. And of course Ryan Gosling is nominated for a Spirit Award tomorrow which would suggest that he’s in town. Interesting angle on that later.

As you would expect, she is the sweetest though she seemed to stay away from the big names and remained close to her own group, stopping to chat occasionally to a few people who knew her, and very polite about greeting everyone who wanted a quick word.

About the Ryan angle – there’s some wedding planner in St Catharines, Ontario who has been quite open with media that she interviewed recently to be the wedding planner for the McAdams/Gosling wedding…


Needless to say, she didn’t get the job and the woman is probably full of sh*t but the McGoslings email relentlessly for a hope bone so I just threw one.

Anyway… turns out Rachel is now rocking a new shorter hairstyle, similar to attached, except it’s red. And more wavy. Not sure if I likey. Wearing a black top with embroidery and black jeans/tights tucked into flat boots. Very cute. And reserved. Grey Goose has not sent me photos of her… will post if/when they do.

In the meantime see attached of Jason Bateman and Tarantino, Ioan Gruffudd (kind of a cheeseball but in a good way), Anna Friel, and Professor Lupin! Aka David Thewlis.

Madonna details coming.