It’s the much anticipated Vogue cover for January 2010 featuring Rachel McAdams. Our girl has her very own. You like it? Me, I’m underwhelmed. She looks so old, non? It’s the hair. Dean wrote to me just now that “I don’t understand what her hair is supposed to be doing”. Word. And that earring. That earring is ancient. And while I LOVE the clothing, am not sure about the wisdom of throwing a cardigan over top of her. Really?

Still… Rachel has taken one spot of 12 for next year. So there are 11 covers remaining. Wonder if Victoria Beckham has given up. You know what’s crazy? There are rumours that Shelf Ass Biel is getting a Vogue cover around the time Valentine’s Day hits theatres. Possibly another reason why she lost all that weight.

Back to Rachel’s cover though, you will note Anna Wintour isn’t subtle about what she thinks of a Size 4. It’s my favourite headline:

When Size 4 is too big: a curvy model’s struggle to fit in

A curvy model? Why hasn’t Karl banished her already? He must hate her so much. Size 4 curves are disgusting.

Source ONTD