Rachel McAdams and Bill Weasley were in London today to promote About Time, Richard Curtis’s new film, opening in the UK in September and in the US and Canada in November. You know what other Richard Curtis movie opened in November? Love Actually. Will About Time be another Love Actually?

Maybe this is why Rachel agreed to do it. Because after The Time Traveller’s Wife, you’d think it would have to be something very, very special for her to sign on to another time travel movie. And besides, this time travel movie, which is “the anti-time travel, time travel movie”, according to Curtis, might be his last movie, time travel or not.

Click here to hear his comments about his latest feature and his future.

As for Rachel – at first I wasn’t feeling her with the red hair against the silver blue. And now…it’s growing on me. You?

Her heels are by Casadei.