Loved what she wore the other night in London at the UK premiere of Morning Gloryclick here for a refresher – and LOVE what she’s wearing today in Spain at the photocall. Except for the shoes.

But a smock? Or at least the illusion of one? For me it’s a win every time. They’re so comfortable. My ma tells me it’s all she wore, smocks that is, before I came along and ruined her body. This is exactly how she says it too.

Goddamn Rachel has a beautiful face, non?

Apparently Rachel was in Creemore, Ontario over the holiday. Dropped by a local bakery called Affairs (great name) and took a photo with staff. Click here to see. I love her for this. Not the photo but the ongoing and deliberate small town-ness of her life despite the obvious un-small-town-ness of her job. You’re not going to see her leaving Trousdale on a Tuesday night, you know?

Photos from Sean Thorton/ and Carlos Alvarez/