As posted yesterday, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch were seen at brunch on Saturday with morning after hair. Click here for a refresher. Several people pointed out that they were eating in Marina Del Ray. And Taylor bought a place in Marina Del Ray last year. So there it is. Bezzerides and Woodrugh are hooking up. Next week on True Detective, Bezzerides goes undercover at a porn party. I’m looking forward to seeing how Rachel plays this. Because Ani’s whole vibe is about how she can cut a man before his eyes start roving over to the other breast. But then there was that tip in the first episode about how she likes it on the rough and kinky side. With Colin Farrell’s Velcoro eventually? 

Last night Rachel was in New York with Jake Gyllenhaal for the premiere of Southpaw wearing the sh-t out of this Self-Portrait two-piece. It might be my favourite outfit on her of all time. Southpaw comes out this weekend. Click here to read Joanna’s review from last week, consistent with critics who call the story generic but also recognise Rachel and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performances. They’re certainly promoting it harder than they’ve promoted anything in a long time, especially Jake. He showed up in Detroit the other night with Eminem at a screening. He put on an apron last week in Miami. Tomorrow he’ll be on Jon Stewart. Apparently he’ll return to Good Morning America next week, and they probably won’t play a Taylor Swift song during his interview. Jake is hustling. Because a solid box office will help those nomination chances. And he’ll need whatever advantage he can get before the major contenders are released in the fall.