Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal presented at the ESPYs, though not together. She was paired on stage with Kiefer Sutherland. The internet, it seems, wants her to be paired with Jakey in real life. They do look cute as f-ck together, don’t they? Here’s how it went down before the show.

They were hanging out together at arrivals, joking and hugging, and even though it seems intimate in the pictures below, it was no more intimate than I’ve seen when he’s with Ruth Wilson. Also, he was being cute and flirty with another woman who looked like a publicist type. Look, I’m not trying to kill our Gossip Genie dreams. I just want us to examine all the information before we start squealing, OK?

Anyway, Rachel and Jake posed together at the photo wall and then she split off separately. Her wranglers kept her pretty far from the interviews and briskly hustled her into the arena. Jake hung back with Ed Helms, spent time talking to a few athletes, before heading in himself. During the show they were seated together but I’m told there was nothing gossipy about how they behaved in their seats. No handholding, none of that. After the event was over, they were seen at a Korean restaurant with two others (thanks Jen!):


#jakegyllenhaal and #rachelmcadams up In here. I feel like a stalker. #ktown #chosunkalbi #foodie #koreanfood

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There. All evidence has been presented. As for how Taylor Kitsch factors in here…

Why am I having such a hard time believing that he’s a factor?

PS. Her red suit? Even better in person. And red isn’t my favourite. But she wore it like it was cut for just her body and no one else. Also, I could have sworn when she walked by me that she was wearing red shoes. And in all these pictures her shoes are black. But you see this angle from the side? They’re black to red ombre.