Oh I’ve been hoping for it for a long time. I’ve been rubbing my Gossip Genie desperately to make this happen. In 2010 I wished for it here. And since then every 6 months or so. When Rachel and Michael Sheen broke up I wished for it again here.

Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal?

They had dinner together the other night. Someone posted it on Instagram:

Easy, now.

It hasn’t happened…yet.

They’re working on a new movie called Southpaw. And they both very recently were in relationships. Just a month ago, Rachel was kissing her boyfriend Patrick Sambrook. Click here for a refresher. (Ahem, I know what you’re thinking.) And around the same time, Jake was back with model Alyssa Miller. Click here to see that.

A dinner between colleagues is not unusual. And given that they’re both rather private and seen here comfortably public, I’d say that they’re public because there’s nothing to be private about.


(Thanks Anna!)