I thought they were nuts. Then the Twi-Hards came along and redefined crazy. But before Stephenie Meyer ignited the lunatic gene in those losers, the McGoslings did indeed foam all over the internets hoping the real life rowboat would happen.

Oh those halcyon days. When Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling rushed across the MTV stage and gave us a kiss to remember forever…

It ended eventually and for a while there, especially this past spring, it looked like The Notebook had been burned beyond recognition.

Rachel seemed completely in love with Josh Lucas – kissing on the street, love on bikes, apartment hunting in the Village.

Passionate but short.

It is no more.

McGoslings today are rejoicing.

Because according to Us Weekly Rachel and Josh are over. He was spotted at some club the other day slobbering over a random, drunk and douchey and clearly trying to f-ck his way through his heartache.

Before you bust out the dvd however please note – Rachel was also spotted. And not alone. At a concert with a mystery man, am told he looks like an “agent type”…

Reconciliation with Ryan?

The door is open. But it might not stay that way for long.

Ok, yeah, but isn’t this the best f-cking clip EVER?

The way he’s leaning back when their names our announced?

And points to her?


I won’t tell if you watch it twice.

File photos from Splashnewsonline.com