Despite all her success, Rachel McAdams, up to this point, has not been lured away from home. She continues to live in Toronto and stays close to her family home about 2 hours outside of the city… until now?

Spotted today – Rachel and Josh Lucas apartment hunting in New York.

They reportedly fell in love very quickly, are very serious about each other, now of course there’s talk that they’re buying together. These days, buying together is more married than married.

Rachel, as you can see, wore flipflops. Very sensible. I always choose the wrong shoes at open houses. This is terrible because it takes forever to get them back on when all you want to do is get the hell away from a place that has inevitably disappointed you. Don’t understand why in Vancouver, which is like crawling with Chinese people, a demographic that pretty much sustained the real estate market for years, why these developers keep insisting on building homes with a staircase that runs right out the door.

Why would I buy a house that pisses away my luck? It’s a dealbreaker.

Photos from Tom Meinelt-Macpherson/