Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo.

They’re shooting a new movie called Spotlight. It’s about The Boston Globe’s coverage of all that sick sh-t those Catholic priests were doing to those kids.

Yesterday they were all at Fenway – in my mind the most gorgeous ballpark in the world – shooting scenes with Roger Sterling. Rachel was apparently done for the day but stayed to hang out with the crew and her co-stars. Love that.

According to Variety yesterday, Rachel’s involvement in Spotlight was the reason she couldn’t confirm initially to True Detective. Supposedly they’ve worked all that out, although no official confirmation has been released. Deadline reports that Brit Marling was impressive in her audition though so if it doesn’t work out with Rachel for whatever reason, she’d be the next.

Brit Marling has been very selective about her projects and specifically the kinds of female roles she wants to represent her career. I hope that means that that’s encouraging for the tone of the show overall, regardless who ends up getting hired.