For the second night in a row, Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen walked the carpet in Cannes together as a couple. They are super, super cute together. I like the way he looks at her.

Anyway, apparently her figure skating dress from the night before was Marchesa. Of course. Last night though she threw on some pants. I mean, I know what the idea was here, given that it wasn't her film, she could try something different, but … I am not feeling this, more than I wasn't feeling the Marchesa. The Marchesa, as noted yesterday, as tacky-ish as it looked, kinda suits where we are. So there's that. This pants situation, it's just not flattering from a lot of angles is all I'm saying.

They haven't been doing a lot of late night partying - last night she was supposed to be at the CK event, I didn't see her but her Midnight in Paris co-star Owen Wilson did show up just as it was shutting down and totally thought Dylan was one of his boys. He came over to us and they hugged which Dylan obviously leveraged to maximum effect by securing an additional drink when the bar had already been closed down to everyone non-celebrity.

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