As mentioned earlier, Ryan Gosling was one on the Academy’s first list of presenters released yesterday. The Big Short might be making a late surge in the Oscar race. Ryan’s obviously going to support his film but also to get a head start on promoting The Nice Guys, coming out in April. The Nice Guys, written and directed by Shane Black, looks solid. And if you’ve seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, you know what Shane Black can deliver. Sarah wrote about the trailer a couple of months ago – click here for a refresher.

So Ryan will be at the Oscars. And… so will Rachel McAdams, as a nominee for her work in Spotlight. They were also both at the Golden Globes a few weeks ago and the hope swelled in you, didn’t it? Ten years ago (holy sh-t has it been that long? YES.) Ryan accompanied Rachel when she hosted the Science and Tech Oscars. Remember?

Sorry. I shouldn’t be such a mindf-ck. Because it’s not happening anymore. Not even sure if Ryan’s going to walk the carpet. He didn’t at the Globes.

Here’s Rachel last night checking out Something Rotten on Broadway. I can hear Duana now, maybe sulking about why Rachel wasn’t at Hamilton instead.