She was in London working on Sherlock for a while and spending time with boyfriend Michael Sheen with whom she was seen at a few plays, having dinner, totally easy and casual. So it’s been a year now and they’re still really into each other.

Yesterday Rachel arrived in LA. Interesting travel pants. Am not feeling them. You?

Anyway, we will see Rachel, briefly, in Sherlock at Christmas and then we will see a lot of her, if it’s your thing, on Valentine’s Day in The Vow with Channing Tatum. I have attached the trailer for The Vow below if you’ve not seen it and I can promise you that Sasha will probably see it and love every minute, just like she loved every minute of Dear John.

The Vow
is a movie that knows exactly what it is. It isn’t pretending to be anything more than a movie targeted to the hopeless romantic who needs a good cleansing cry, about the enduring power of love made that much more attractive because Channing Tatum, who I’m not sure can properly enunciate, has a really great body. OK fine Darren, we can go see it too.