We got a glimpse of Rachel McAdams in Sarah’s Doctor Strange post just before this one. It was big news when she was cast in the movie, with all kinds of speculation about her character, etc. Totally another Hollywood Sliding Doors situation too. Because there were rumours years ago that she was up for the Sue Storm character that eventually went to Jessica Alba and supposedly it was Rachel’s but allegedly some shenanigans went down and it never happened for her. Which, in the long run, if you look back now, seeing as how that turned out for Jessica Alba, worked out for the best.

Rachel’s coming off her first Oscar nomination. And even though she waited a decade before getting her superhero chance, aligning with Marvel is all strong. Doctor Strange is expected to be big f-cking deal. So… what’s after Spotlight and before Strange?

Nothing’s been announced for Rachel yet. They’re still working on the movie but we’ve not yet heard what else she has lined up, how she’ll follow up what will likely be the major Strange box office. The Oscar nomination served notice that she should be considered for the kinds of parts that the Anne Hathaways and the Scarlett Johanssons and etc etc are getting called for. But it’s been quiet, presumably because she’s not trying to rush or force it. I’m not mad at that. Seeing her at LAX yesterday though makes me curious about what she’s up to, if she’s taking meetings, if she’s been balling undercover – and when we’ll hear about how all that will roll out.