Rachel McAdams was at the Telluride Film Festival this weekend promoting Spotlight. Spotlight is receiving solid reviews coming out of Telluride and Venice and will screen at TIFF this weekend, continuing to build momentum for an Oscar run. And if it holds up, that’ll be the second ensemble in a row led by Michael Keaton to go to the show.

Spotlight is about The Boston Globe’s investigation that eventually exposed the Catholic Church’s pedophile priest cover-up. It’s about how a powerful organisation protects its own, but it’s also about the social and cultural importance of long-form investigative journalism, and how it can – and must – serve, protect, and advocate for our communities and its citizens. The timing is critical. For the last few years now, news outlets around the world have been downsizing their investigative journalism departments. Click here for a good article to learn more about this trend.

So for Rachel then, she’ll be home with pride, representing a strong feature this year at the Toronto International Film Festival. We might see her hanging out with her good friend, Jake Gyllenhaal, her co-star in Southpaw. Or…maybe we’ll see her hanging out with Taylor Kitsch? I received a couple of tips a few weeks ago that someone who looks like him was spotted in town with her, super low-key, which has always been her style. Will keep you posted.