There was a screening for Southpaw in Cannes on Friday. And some reported that Rachel McAdams was there alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. But on Saturday she was in Muskoka, 2 or so hours outside of Toronto, for her sister Kayleen’s wedding. Pretty sure, given how close she is to her family, that she wouldn’t have risked missing it to rush to France and come back on a tight turnaround. And besides, she’d want to be with Kayleen the night before, non? Look at how emotional she was during the ceremony. 

There will be more opportunities – many more – to promote the movie. Rachel had other priorities this weekend. She was a bridesmaid. In blue. I like how every bridesmaid is wearing something different. Like no similarities whatsoever. Which makes me think they were told they could pretty much wear whatever they wanted. And look. The pictures are still beautiful.