It was Rachel McAdams’s birthday yesterday. She’s 36. She’s shooting a movie around Toronto right now. Here she is on set walking from trailer to trailer in costume. It’s FREEZING in Toronto right now. I can’t imagine the no socks situation was all that comfortable. Anyway, the crew apparently gave Rachel flowers. At lunch, Rachel had a visitor. A man who looks a lot like Patrick Sambrook.

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not they’re still dating, if she was visiting Jake Gyllenhaal, and if that was a possibility. Sambrook wasn’t seen at the Canada’s Walk of Fame event when Rachel got her star – click here for a refresher. He’s on the scene now though so I guess that answers the question: she (still) has a boyfriend.

The photo agency and several outlets including E! News identified this man as Patrick Sambrook. But several readers in Toronto have emailed insisting that it's NOT him. I've been comparing before and after photos:

To me it's a dude with not that much hair. I'm not a great witness. But Sambrook is based in Toronto and I kinda believe the Toronto eyes more than the Hollywood ones in this case. Also, a good source just called me and told me that they broke up a while ago.

So. She was single on her birthday then?