Style and then substance? Is that the way we should go? Because Rachel has both. 

I think her look last night was maybe not some people’s favourite, but I was really into it. To me, it’s a kind of a harder take on her Oscar look from 2010, which was arguably her high-water mark, stylewise.

For 2016, I do like this crumpled dress. I like the brighter colours. I’m into the hair and particularly the roots, so you tell me if I’m failing to be objective.

But it’s hard, as we know, with Rachel, who remains a Toronto girl, who’s in the most incredible movie of the year (not that it got ANY love last night – I really was expecting more), and who keeps on exceeding expectations. Case in point—she brought Sacha Pfeiffer as her guest to the Globes. 

I don’t know how close the portrayal of Pfeiffer really was. I think the link between Rachel and Sacha has been more about understanding the depth of the work and the mindset, rather than, say, the personality quirks or a particular turn of phrase. But they’ve been doing press together since the movie came out, and I can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy at Rachel bringing Sacha to the Globes as a sort of quid pro quo. Lots of other actors would talk about doing this, I feel like far fewer would actually follow through.