Rachel McAdams is expected be on the carpet at the Palais in Cannes tomorrow night to open the film festival with Midnight in Paris. Timed for the occasion is her new cover for ELLE, adorable and fresh in leather pants on the front, and sexy, sultry, and maybe a little suggestively horny on the inside page. Love this. It’s a really great shoot. Click here to see more images.

There was a story that went wide yesterday after Rachel was shot with a ring on her engagement finger that she and Michael Sheen must be engaged. Her rep has already denied the claim. Click here to see the photo in question. Errrmm… I don’t know how they came up with this sh-t in the first place. Not that I’m a jewellery expert, and no disrespect re: any sentimental value that this ring may have, but… well…look at it.

As for what’s going on with Michael – they’re still together, and they’ll be together presenting the film, and it certainly seems like it’s going well between them, though she doesn’t address it, or any of her relationships directly in the interview with ELLE, except to say that she’s a romantic, because her parents are still stronger than ever, and that’s the model she grew up with. I can’t help but wonder though who she might be talking about here:

On her expectations for relationships: “You grow up and you assume that everyone is like that, and you quickly realize that they’re not, and then you have those days when you wonder if you’re going to find it for yourself. It’s such a hard thing to find. I think it was more that realization that rocked me.”

Click here for more from the interview.