Rachel McAdams was in Boston last night to watch the home team tie up the series at 2 leaving the Canucks shaken as they head home to regroup for Friday’s game at Rogers Arena where I will be, sitting in a tense arena. I know some people are angry that Rachel was cheering for the Bruins. Michael J Fox is also cheering for the Bruins, and he’s from BC. But he’s tight with Cam Neely. Maybe Rachel, or someone in her family, has a personal connection to the Bruins too.

Look, I’m from Toronto. As I’ve said, my sh-t is the Leafs. But I live in Vancouver and it would make my husband happy, seeing as he’s originally from here. And also, as a season ticket holder, frankly, I’d rather see the Cup where my money goes. But if you’re a Canucks fan, be honest, would you root for the Leafs if they were in the final? If you say yes, you’re not in the majority. Come on.

As for Rachel, I can’t hate on her. Not when she’s this cute. So cute they kept going to her on the jumbotron last night. So adorable that you’re laughing as you’re watching. She wasn’t above being excited on camera. I love her all over again. Did I ever stop?

Photos from Bruce Bennett/Harry How/Gettyimages.com