It’s NHL Trade Deadline Day. Which has nothing to do with Rachel McAdams, but she was photographed at Disneyland yesterday with her family wearing a Boston Bruins vs Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Finals cap so...

As of this writing, there have been NO TRADES. TSN has been live all day dedicating their entire broadcast to trades...and nothing. It’s kind of amazing. Kinda like airing an awards show but none of the winners show up.

Anyway re: Rachel and Disneyland -- last week, I made a lot of you mad when I shared my feelings about adults at Disneyland on their own with no children. Does Rachel fall into this category? Is family sightseeing exempt? There seem to be some young cousin types in her group. She gets a pass. long before....

Oh, there it is.

Let’s make a Ryan Gosling connection.

Ryan takes his dates to Disneyland. Rachel went to Disneyland. Therefore Ryan and Rachel should get back together, obviously. IS SHE SENDING HIM A MESSAGE?????????????????

In other Rachel romance news -- a friend of mine saw Michael Sheen a couple of weeks ago eating lunch alone in the Sony commissary. She called it “unassuming”. I’m assuming it was “forlorn”. Because he misses her and they should totally get back together.