For some reason, over the last week or so, many of you have been emailing me about whether or not it’s unravelling between Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen. Where is this coming from? There have been NO indications that there’s been trouble. They’ve been low key, and they haven’t been papped every day, but they are FINE. This is Twi-Hard style worrying and it’s totally unnecessary.

Check it - here they are holding hands in London today. She’s practically living there now. He’s playing Hamlet and she’s been at the show to see him multiple times. She was also in town for her birthday last month. AND she traveled with him to Wales just over two weeks ago to celebrate his parents’ anniversary, even posing with the family. Click here to see a photo.

Needless to say, it’s solid between them. At least it was a few hours ago. Not sure if you need a more recent update.