There's only one carpet at Cannes on opening night. Most nights we see two. I'm also writing from a weird French keyboard in the press room and it's infuriating me. But this is not your concern. This post is about Rachel McAdams and her big Cannes debut. She was the starlet today, for sure.

In a GORGEOUS cream coloured dress for the photo call in the afternoon - I saw a glimpse of her when I was rushing back and forth on the Croisette to the Jolie (um, did I mention I interviewed the Jolie? Will get to this when I sort my laptop situation out) and she was spectacular, Rachel I mean, and so thin, Rachel I mean, not in a bad way though, and not that she hasn't always been, but even more these days I feel. Later on, for the big opening for Midnight in Paris, there was a red situation happening and a lot of figuring skating clothing going on.

No. It's not my favourite. Not even close. But here's the thing about Cannes - this dress is SOOOOO Cannes. I mean, they love this sh-t over here. So, in a way, if we're dressing for an occasion and an event, she certainly delivered. Still... Cannes fashion. You should come here just to observe it.

More imporantly, she and Michael Sheen didn't bother camouflaging their love. Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf last year (they were so cute, what the f-ck happened?) they posed with the group and only came together together once they were inside. Rachel and Michael aren't bothering with that kind of drama. They're so lovely together. Seem super comfortable. He seemed delighted that she was, really, the belle of it all. Not in a super overt, please photograph me admiring my girlfriend way, but quietly, within himself, so that only a freak stalking his every glance and gesture would notice. Me.

I can't even deal with that nasty assery of Adrien Brody right now.

Photos from and Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Pascal Le Segretain/