BFFs with Madge & Gwynnie?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 2, 2008 15:48:24 October 2, 2008 15:48:24

As promised – Rachel McAdams was in London yesterday for the Sherlock Holmes announcement. Love Rachel but these photos…sigh… it’s all about RDJ.


She’ll be living there during filming and I’m told does not want to stay at the hotel. My sources say Ryan will visit from time to time and she wants a residence but worries about the aggressive UK paps, already wary of North American attention paid to her relationship. Belgravia was tossed around but no confirmation just yet. Interestingly enough, she could very well find herself living quite close to my Gwyneth. Which could be why Guy Ritchie supposedly introduced her to Tracy Anderson, trainer to Madonna and Gwynnie P.

Rachel BFFs with Madge and G? A longshot, yes. And they’re not really Rachel’s scene. But still… from time to time they do accept new members.

See more pics here.

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