When was the last time Rachel McAdams covered a fashion magazine? Seems like it’s been a while. Unlike Jessica Alba who seems to be on one every other month. Which is why this feels so fresh. And she looks fresh too. Fresh face. So pretty. So natural. So much better than the over-touched images that we’re used to. Not that this hasn’t been manipulated. But I do like that I can see shadows under her eyes. I can see that her lips might be a little dry. They’ve haven’t removed the moles from her face. And it’s SOOOOOOOO lovely. She could not be more beautiful.

So it doesn’t matter that I’m not sure the reason she’s here, or what she’s promoting – I don’t think anything. Or that I’m mildly curious about the “bikini” reference and I wonder if it has to do with the “I’m a bird” scene in The Notebook and if that’s the case, is she really there because she’s commemorating the 10th anniversary?

Maybe I’m just being a sh-t and taunting you with possibility. Because over the last couple of days, you had to have been thinking about her a little, right?