Rachel McAdams was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar this morning. TwiHards were hoping that Kristen Stewart would get in there, given that several critics associations singled her out and it was great to see her out there, hustling for it. But she was always going to be a dark horse. As I wrote last week – click here for a refresher – once Kate Winslet picked up her game, right after the New Year, that field became too crowded given the Alicia Vikander/Rooney Mara category fraud.

But it’s not just about Alicia and Rooney. It also has to do with Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer received yet another Best Actress nomination for her work in Joy. Because she is still the old white Academy voter’s favourite, precocious granddaughter. Because it was always suspected that she would eat up a spot in the lead category, Alicia and Rooney were positioned in supporting where their studios thought they’d do better – and they were right.

Best Supporting Actress is probably the most wide open of all the races right now. If Jennifer Jason Leigh had worked it a little more obviously, we might not be having this conversation but she hasn’t played much of the game…yet.

Can we talk about Charlotte Rampling though? Charlotte was snubbed for a BAFTA. And she’s English!

The Academy corrected that absurdity today. Can Charlotte challenge Brie Larson? Well, if she campaigned, of course. But she’s not the type. She’s above all that sh-t. And Brie is the Eddie Redmayne of this year. So if Charlotte wants to catch her, she might have to move to LA for the next month.

Attached - Kristen at LAX yesterday and at Marie Claire's Image Maker Awards earlier this week.