I know after all the recent reports that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes broke up, some of you, many of you, were hoping that Rachel McAdams would be his bonafide again. Tonight on etalk, we have exclusive new photos of Rachel in Montreal this weekend. She’s with a man. But not that man.

Remember when I posted way back in August – click here for a refresher -- that Rachel was spending time with music manager Patrick Sambrook? Well, it looks like Patrick Sambrook with her in Montreal on her spa day off. Tune in tonight to the show to see the pictures.

As for Ryan and Eva – the breakup story last week came from either INTOUCH or LIFE&STYLE which I don’t usually waste my time on. Eva’s publicist also denied that there was a split. AND Ryan was just photographed driving her car yesterday. Click here to see the picture. It’s enough for me to conclude, yet again, that just because they haven’t been shot together doesn’t mean they’re not together. At the very least, if he’s driving her car, he doesn’t mind you thinking they’re still together. If they’re still together, why do they keep trying to break them up?