Rachel McAdams looked gorgeous last night on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. I never used to like her as a blonde. Now I love her as a blonde. Is it just a matter of getting accustomed to it?

Rachel is not in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Rachel is not Annalynne McCord or various and the like. Rachel doesn’t usually show up to a premiere for a movie that isn’t hers or her boyfriend’s just to be seen. It’s really not a common practice for actors at a certain level. And if they’re going to break with that habit, it’s even more uncommon for them to do it for a movie like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island starring The Rock of all things.

What’s this about then?

The official Hollywood premiere for The Vow, her own film, is on Monday, February 6th. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to get her face out there, both for the audience and for the people who make movie decisions. Which is great. Like, obviously she wants it. She’s willing to do what she needs to get it.

I just... I mean...

Had they told her to be doing it in 2006, she might not have to still be doing it now, you know?