Rachel McAdams was at the NY premiere of A Most Wanted Man last night. So that’s why she’s on the cover of ALLURE. I wasn’t sure. There was so little lead-up to this release.

Anyway, at some point while she was at the event, she posed with Mick Jagger. Since I never expected to see a picture of them together when I was preparing this article, I thought you might want to have a look. Not that it’s impossible for famous people to be in pictures together but, I dunno, Rachel’s so not “on the scene”, it does feel surprising, doesn’t it? Just me, I guess.

Anyway, everyone’s talking about how when Rachel was on The Today Show yesterday, she cringed while watching her audition tape from The Notebook. It’s a natural reaction on so many levels. First of all, aside from James Franco, who’d be able to make it through an audition tape from a decade earlier without cringing? And then there’s the whole knowing part.

Knowing that there are millions of people who wanted that to be real. Who still want it to be real again. Who can’t get past the fact that it’s no longer real. And who want to know what it was like when it was real. Every detail. Of course she’s uncomfortable. But you know what? She’s also over it.

Can we get over it?

I’m still not over Britney and Justin. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that.

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