Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards happened this weekend. The show will air on June 18th. Jake was honoured with the Guy Con award, presented to him by his Southpaw co-star, friend, and rumoured girlfriend, Rachel McAdams. Let’s play reverse psychology here:

If there was really something between them, would they have agreed to have her do this?

Or is all of that good promotion for the movie anyway? Would these two toy with those kinds of suggestions just to promote a movie? Jake would want you to think he’s above that. But then again, Harvey Weinstein is distributing this film. If you want the Harvey push, you have to play the Harvey game. This time, Harvey might be working WITH the Gossip Genie.

A new trailer for Southpaw was released the other day. How long before the comparisons to Tom Hardy in Warrior begin? Or should I just start them?