There have actually been a few. Michelle Rodriguez is one of them…can you believe it? Just haven’t had time to explain. More on Michelle later…

This is about Rachel McAdams.

Wednesday night was the premiere of Married Life. The big draw of course was Rachel – and she did not disappoint. The dress was divine. DIVINE. Even better in person, especially the back. And she owned it. She totally totally owned it.

Looking at the photos, see seems older than she does in person. In person she is slight and so pretty you can’t stop looking with skin as fair as it comes and the most beguiling, shy smile and the warmest eyes.

She brought her brother. Insisted he walk with her along the press line. I watched her as she came down, one interview after another. You can tell from her answers – she is tentative and reticent, very sweet but very guarded, and not terribly comfortable with having to be in the spotlight.

Other journalists described her as “fragile”, clinging to her brother for emotional support. Everyone said she was lovely, but all observed that while grateful and appreciative for the interest, being the subject of that kind of adulation is not something she seeks out, nor something she craves – all this ironically played out as teenybopper fans screamed in the background, all of whom have seen the rowboat scene a 100 times or more.

So given the intense pressure heaped on her by the crazy McGoslings, it’s no wonder she’d rather shut down The Notebook fanaticism rather than encourage it through public confirmations as to the status of her romantic life. She would rather the freaks believe they’re broken up because the alternative is much worse. The alternative is the McGoslings planning her wedding. And I’m told it’s those expectations that make the situation unbearable. Which would explain why the press line was warned prior to arrivals that there were to be no personal questions.

Apparently it really is none of our business whether or not she and Ryan are still together.

And still… every day the emails flood in. Full on McGosling panic has now turned to McGosling obsession as the rabids chart their every move, as they fret and fuss over whether or not their golden couple is no more, going so far as to quote Ryan’s travel schedule (according to the lunatics, he has been in LA and has spent no time with her in Toronto), believing that because there have been no reports of sightings, this must mean the two are done. I’m told however that even though Ryan has spent the majority of his time in California over the summer, he stealthily made at least 3 trips to Toronto since July while she spent a weekend in LA in August. Unfortunately though, when it comes to the lunatic McGoslings, if it doesn’t show up on a message board somewhere, it means it never happened.

There are celebrities who profess to crave privacy but don’t really. There are celebrities who say they do not want to live in a fishbowl but insist on spending weekends in Malibu and shopping for groceries in Brentwood where the paps know their shopping schedules. Having now met Rachel McAdams and seeing in her eyes a genuine desire not to be famous but simply to be an actor and who backs that up by staying away from Hollywood as much as she can, sticking close to home in Toronto, choosing her bike over a limo, taking the subway instead an SUV, would it be offside to fuel the crazy especially when the crazies make her crazy?