You have heard me go on and on about Rachel McAdams’s anti-celebrity ways: she does not live permanently in LA, she maintains a rather ordinary-ish existence in Toronto, she rides her bike, she takes transit, she doesn’t whore herself out at every premiere and party, she doesn’t hit up gifting suites every week, she doesn’t call the paps outside her gym...

Rachel was home in Toronto this weekend. Her boyfriend Michael Sheen was with her. They were spotted on the subway – the tagline for the Toronto Transit Commission is “Ride the Rocket”. They were riding the rocket. Apparently they were really affectionate on the rocket too. According to an eyewitness, there was a lot of hugging and making out.

Here is a Twitter photo from @Asmodean_Sum. (thanks Anna!)

Michael’s ex-partner and mother of his daughter Kate Beckinsale is in Toronto with her husband Len Wiseman (director) shooting Total Recall. How’s that for a double date?

In other Toronto news, Jessica Biel was turned away at Campagnolo on Saturday night as it was too busy and they were unable to seat her. From what I understand she did NOT pull the “Do you know who I am” card, unlike Jonah Hill one night at Dan Tana’s last year which is where Duana and I saw him with 3 friends. They were seated in the booth next to ours. Jonah Hill...really??? (Thanks Sarah!)