The McGoslings went apesh*t earlier this weekend when Perez reported that Ryan Gosling and my Kiki were givin’er at a club in NYC at the weekend. LOVE Ryan and Kiki together!

Unfortunately this is not a popular sentiment and many are still pining for those halcyon rowboat days when two of Canada’s most talented young actors were romancing each other on the real.

But while Ryan is in New York having clandestine dinners with Michelle Williams and making out hardcore with Kirsten Dunst, Rachel is in Toronto and eTalk has the exclusive images airing tonight of Rachel shopping today looking super cute with short hair held back in a headband and jeans at the Apple store downtown and taking the TTC to her next destination.

TTC = public transit.

The street car, the subway, Rachel McAdams, described by the Wall Street Journal as the most sought after actress in Hollywood, a girl who receives scripts by the truckload, not only doesn’t have a driver…she doesn’t even drive.

Love her.

Check out the video and the photos on eTalk tonight.

File photo of Rachel attached from February in Beverly Hills via