Rachel McAdams was in New York this morning promoting The Vow. She was also on the cover of The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella this weekend in the UK. I really wish they chose a better cover shot. During the interview she talks about shooting the scene in The Vow where her character sees Channing Tatum’s character heading to the bathroom not wearing any clothing. It’s supposed to be awkward because she’s lost her memory and doesn’t see him as her husband anymore. Apparently during filming, Channing and the director fashioned a massive prosthetic for him to wear to surprise her in the shot. Tatum still teases her about it. During the junket, he walked in on her room and asked her, “Are you talking about my body?” (Why am I finding him more and more ...likeable?)

As for Rachel’s real life boyfriend, she tells Stella that she and Michael Sheen did not start dating until after wrapping on Midnight In Paris, that they were friends first and then more later. She also reveals that they try not to spend more than 3 weeks apart and that the travel can be challenging; as such she is trying to remember to take things “slowly”, enjoy it without too much pressure. How’s this for pressure? I love them together. I want them to be for reals for ever.

But did you know she turned down The Devil Wears Prada? This is the sh-t Duana and I talk about all the time re: Rachel McAdams. Though she claims that she needed the time off, really, you have to wonder about the management team. The Vow might do very big business from the same people who see Katherine Heigl movies. But does it make Rachel’s career any more diverse?