As you know, RDJ is the new Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie.

His leading lady?

None other than Rachel McAdams – according to Access Hollywood Rachel has accepted the part and will participate in a press conference in London on October 1st to announce preproduction on the project.

Good news on many levels.

First – Rachel is notoriously picky about her parts. She doesn’t shoot back to back to back like her peers. As such, she is always on a short list. And if she wants to work with Guy and Bob, it’s another good sign that the script is strong.

Next – Rachel and Ryan romancing in London? Love.

Also – Guy is married to Madge who is tight with my Gwyneth. Gwyneth helping Rachel work on her British accent?

Would make my life.

Attached – Rachel two weeks ago in Toronto for Time Traveller’s Wife reshoots.

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