Word is, they’re moving ahead with Spiderman 4 and Sam Raimi is currently casting for supporting characters and new villains…

Rachel McAdams is being seriously considered to play the Black Cat who, in the comics, becomes a sort of Spidey stalker. Spiderman Fatal Attraction.

She’s perfect for it.

Raimi and Rachel have reportedly met to discuss the part and while no decisions have been made, studio executives are said to have been interested in Rachel McAdams in a superhero role since the days of Fantastic 4. Looks like this would be the perfect fit. Especially since she’s moving into a very high profile season with the upcoming Sherlock Holmes and as Anna Wintour’s new pet.

I recently watched State of Play on a plane. It’s a good movie. And she matches Russell Crowe in every scene. Kiki doesn’t stand a chance.

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