Rachel McAdams is in LA, walking a dog with her sister. Her dog? Not sure. Possible. You can easily travel a chihuahua. It's -20 in Toronto today and there's no windchill. So, if I were her, I'd probably stay a few days in gross LA too, just until this polar vortex passes.

Then again, there's a lot of action happening here in Toronto right now. You know why? Come on. You know why.

Rob Ford!

Our mascot!

The video is below. It happened at the Steak Queen. Which is where I happen to be right now, reporting for etalk. Which is why I might not be able to post anymore today. Because I'm eating where Rob Ford eats, and speaks. In patois. Remember when Brad Pitt tried patois in Meet Joe Black? Puts everything into perspective, non? The food is actually really good here.