Well this is how you tell the world you don’t care that your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend. Not that that sort of petty thing would preoccupy our beloved Rachel McAdams. Rachel was in Munich the other day promoting About Time. The dress is Saint Laurent. It’s amazing on her.

Right now, About Time is rating at 89% on Rotten Tomatoes although there aren’t very many reviews. Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter were counted as a “fresh”. So I was encouraged. Then I actually read the reviews, and I was discouraged. Both outlets agree that the film is derivative. One of them doesn’t mention her performance at all. And what saves the film is its inherently sweet message – cherish every moment – which you can’t really argue with but also… duh. That’s not my “duh”, that’s their duh.

Thing is…duh is what moviegoers want in a romance sometimes. This explains why Channing Tatum. (There is nothing wrong with the preceding sentence; it is meant to read that way) Especially a romance in November, which is when About Time will be released in North America.

So this is a conundrum. I don’t wish her any professional sh-t, because she’s lovely. But if About Time is successful, does that means she has to keep making those kinds of movies?