Rachel McAdams has been in Berlin working the last few weeks. Yesterday however she turned up in Wales to support boyfriend Michael Sheen at the premiere of his film The Gospel Of Us. Earlier in the day the two were seen enjoying Easter brunch with his family. Many of you have been emailing lately asking about whether or not these two are still solid. Yes, clearly, though professionally they’ve both been pretty booked since the start of the year. Michael’s been shooting the Masters of Sex pilot in New York. And following a short break after heavy promotion for The Vow, Rachel’s now in Berlin for Passion with Noomi Rapace. Really hope they change the title.

Passion is a remake of a French film featuring two women going bitch for bitch at work. In the original, Kristin Scott Thomas plays a manipulative boss whose protégé messes with her as a revenge move for being tormented for so long. And then war breaks loose as the two mindf-ck each other for control.

Not really sure which actress is playing the mentor and which is playing the mentee though I guess the safe assumption would be that Noomi’s the former and Rachel the latter but regardless, it’s an opportunity to see Rachel in another role that requires her to be UN-sweet. Are you down with that or will you resist it? Rachel is most popular and most widely acceptable when she is being LOVED, singularly LOVED, eternally adored. By men with toned arms of whom her parents don’t approve. Range is important, of course it is. Problem is, fans don’t often understand it.