Daniel Craig wore the sh-t out of that black tuxedo as he “escorted” Her Majesty to the Opening Ceremony, didn’t he? How extra is it when he’s Blue Steel pouting up the stairs on his way to pick her up?

Craig made his first appearance since the Opening Ceremony last night at the premiere of The Bourne Legacy. Not surprisingly he did not walk the carpet with his wife but the two were photographed hand in hand leaving together later on.

But look at her. Rachel Weisz was incredible. Apart from the shoes (hate them), she’s perfect. She’s wearing that dress better than a proper model. And you can’t even hear her talking in these photos. Remember, Weisz has that voice. That sexy, SEXY voice...

Since Celebrity Infidelity has been dominating headlines recently, and these two certainly started that way, is it somehow more... excusable... if they end up together? Let’s discuss this tonight in class in Ottawa.