Once in a while I need to be nice to Sarah from Cinesnark because she thinks I put up ugly pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch on purpose. It’s just...really hard to find a good photo of him. Seriously.

Anyway, Sarah has the Chicago sads this week because all the thumbs are down after Roger Ebert’s passing. She might need a pick-me-up. Nothing picks her up more than Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig. They’re like her Pitt Porn.

So I bought these for her -- and you, if they’re your porn too: Rachel and Daniel in New York hand in hand.

In other Rachel/Daniel news, it was just confirmed that the two will work together on Broadway in Betrayal, directed by Mike Nichols. Well those are some names, non? The play explores the themes of marriage, friendship, and infidelity. Well those are some discussion points, non?

Bonus! My second mention of Mike Nichols in one day! And an excuse to repost Nora’s AFI tribute to him. She went around speaking for and honouring so many people, I wonder how many people will go around speaking for and honouring her in that documentary.