Michelle is in New York this minute shopping at J Crew with Rachel Weisz. They’re trying on the same cords…or something.

Michelle is texting me from the change room I think. She has a new girl crush.

I get it…but then again I don’t want to. I remind Michelle that she’s, um, weird and thrifty. Michelle ignores me. Duana chimes in on the same text, ignoring me too, and tells Michelle to try on some other items from the catalogue they were both curious about.

This is my punishment last week for not being able to join them at the Brothers Bloom screening. They went, they saw, the loved. Not typical Wes Anderson. And Rachel is sublime.

Here she is, on the cover of the new Vogue, perhaps the magazine’s best cover all year. Also attached, a few extras of Rachel during the Bloom presser at TIFF. LOVE the pantsuit.

Conveniently, Darren Aronofsky was in town for the festival too. He came into the eTalk Lounge for an interview and accepted two boxes of cookies and baby clothes.

For Rachel’s Vogue article, click here.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com