Rachel Weisz is currently in London shooting The Deep Blue Sea. All’s quieted now, three weeks after news broke that she and Darren Aronofsky have separated. You may recall, TMZ reported that Rachel and Daniel Craig were seeing each other.

Since then there have been no sightings. Since then there’s been no further information. No additional sources coming forward, no one from the set of their movie last year whispering about an affair...at least not reliably. But there have also been no denials.

Some stars deny everything. Some just prefer to let the cloud pass and not engage in the everyday shenanigans on the gossip circuit. Some believe that denying it only spins off more threads, only encourages the chatter. That may very well have been their approach. Both are rather private, especially Craig, and he may have chosen to simply ride out the rumours, true or not.

But some bitches, me included, automatically assume the worst. This is not to say that I’m totally convinced that these two are/were happening, just that I might be 60/40 (60% they had an affair/40% they didn’t) right now, as opposed to 20/80 when the story first broke. That however is based on nothing but feel as – again and please read this carefully – aside from one vague line on TMZ, there has been NO evidence that the two even stayed in contact after filming last March.

We have to wait this one out, I think.

Photos from Bauergriffionline.com and Eagle Eyes/Splashnewsonline.com