Radar posted a sensational headline today:

Beckham Split!

When you read the story though, it’s about business assets.

Newly released Victoria Beckham, Ltd., filings obtained by Radar reveal that after six years at the helm of VBL with Victoria and CEO Robert Dodds, David secretly resigned as a director of the company on December 10, 2014. On that date, the company’s “entire issued share capital was transferred to” VBL parent company Beckham Brand Holdings, Ltd., and reissued with 1/3 going to Victoria, 1/3 to David, and 1/3 to Dodds.

Documents filed in the UK also note that on that date, all “contracts held by the company related to the David Beckham brand were transferred during the year to DB Ventures Limited, a sister company” that is specifically “focused on exploiting the David Beckham brand,” without Victoria, 41.

Radar seems to be suggesting that the division of assets is a prelude to a division of life and that a divorce could be imminent. If you’ve been following the Beckhams, the divorce rumours have been happening for, literally, decades. Before though, when we first met Rebecca Loos and Posh was still trying on careers post-Spice, you could say that she was way more dependent on David. Now? The fashion brand is viable. Does she “need” David as much as she needed him before?

Before you start running around telling people that the Beckhams are broken though, please note that even though this paperwork was filed December 10th, since then the Beckhams have been together, and lovingly.

Two weeks after those documents were filed, they were kissing each other for Christmas:

A week after that they were kissing each other at New Year’s Eve:


And from us of course... Have an amazing 2016 ❤️❤️

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Victoria’s latest Instagram post is of David, making doll clothes for H7:


Harper has daddy stitching her dollies dresses!!! We love you @davidbeckham ❤️ #lovingdaddy #proudmummy #familyfun 🙏🏻 x vb

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It’s her birthday in 3 weeks. He always does a public dedication on her birthday. We’ll see then whether or not there’s really trouble here.