Reese Witherspoon is getting married a week Saturday. Radar is reporting that the wedding will take place at her ranch in Ojai on March 26. Supposedly she’ll be wearing Monique L’hullier. It’s expected to be a small, intimate affair. Like maybe a 100 people. Also, Water For Elephants Opens on April 22nd. Totally enough time for a magazine to secure the rights to the photos, non? Or maybe that’s happened already?


Reese would never!

No, you’re right. She doesn’t need the money. But it’s been a long time since she’s had a hit. I mean, a Reese Witherspoon hit that makes her paycheque worthwhile, you know? She needs Water for Elephants to be a success more than anyone else. I guess then a wedding never hurts where the MiniVan is concerned. So even if the pictures aren’t put on the market, she’d probably still make several covers just in time for the movie’s opening. Who’s complaining about the free publicity?

Reese was photographed leaving a friend’s place earlier this week. She’s been running a lot and hitting up yoga and fitness classes too. Last minute body sculpting?

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