You should be opening up iTunes right now and downloading every Radiohead album. They deserve your support, admiration, they deserve your WORSHIP.

Last week JailBait Miley Cyrus went on the radio and told a story about Radiohead, how they – in her estimation – should have jumped at the chance to meet her but instead pretty much told her to sit the f-ck DOWN at the Grammys. Click here for a refresher.

She went on about how disappointing the experience was because she looked up their music so much. Because Creep is the only Radiohead song she knows without knowing that they actually hate it.

Anyway, Radiohead has now answered back. And unlike the showbiz asslicking sycophants we’re accustomed to (when will Oprah step up and tell Disney to suck it with their relentless pimpage of child stars?), Radiohead has called out Miley for being a spoiled twatty brat, releasing a statement to Us Weekly about the incident:

“When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have such a sense of entitlement.”



Why is this the most amazing of amazingnesses?

Because instead of coddling her, like so many others would have done, with the excuse that: oh she’s only 16, give her a break, Radiohead has taken my mother’s approach:

Exactly. It’s because she’s 16. She needs to know NOW.

Will she learn from it? Not with that loser douche of a father around. And how will she reply? Give it a few days. There will be a message on her blog.

Thom and the band are heading to South America to tour now. He just posted this message on their website:

“Wish us all a safe journey if you still like us and you’re not one of those people i have managed to offend by doing nothing xx,”

No, Thom won’t step away from a fight. He will fight them with his words. He will win every time.

PS. You saw their best of the night performance at the Grammys with the USC Trojan Marching band but have you watched the rehearsal footage? It’s rehearsal. With NO enhancement. PURE GENIUS.


Photos from Wenn.com